You feel like a lost cause, but...

Your Binge Eating
Hasn't Met Me Yet

I understand the struggle.

Your binge eating has become a major problem.

Thoughts about food take up almost ALL of your headspace. 


The urges to binge bubble under the surface, you spend all day fighting them off, then inevitably end up bingeing in the evening anyway. 


Every single night you go to bed, with mental fatigue and feeling physically sick after bingeing, 


And you vow…


'Tomorrow will be Different. Tomorrow I'll be Good'

You're desperate for your binge eating to stop.

But how can you even begin to seek help when you feel guilty because you think it’s YOUR fault? 


And you SHOULD’ just be able to get a handle on it? 


And when your binge eating makes you feel SO  alone and isolated?

That's Where I Come In

Hi, I'm Jo

Helping you stop binge eating is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

This is you right now...

What if it could be like this instead...

YOU are NOT a lost cause.

Let's transform those 'what ifs' into reality.

I have helped MANY others just like you.
From feeling like you can't even be alone in the same room with a plate of brownies...
To feeling calm and relaxed around all food (yes, even brownies), confident knowing that you're not going to binge.

How does it work, Jo?

My Four Pillars of Binge Eating Recovery are the foundation of our work together. 

This may seem daunting at first, but remember, we are doing this TOGETHER. 

I’m with you every step of the way for the next 3 months, and beyond. 

My Fours Pillars of Binge Eating Recovery

1. Pave The Way for Recovery
2. Rebuild Trust With Food
3. Reacquaint With Normal Eating
4. Heal Your Body Story

What My VIP Clients Say

“I was drowning in binge eating before working with Jo, now I haven’t binged in weeks. I’m not even fighting any urges, I simply just don’t have the desire to binge anymore.”
VIP Client, UK
Nov 2021 - Jan 2022
"I had been binge eating for 10 years, now it's finally under control. I'd recommend Jo's programme to anyone."
VIP Client, Ireland
Jan - March 2022
"Jo I'm so grateful for you. Working with you to overcome binge eating has been the best investment I ever made in myself."
VIP Client, Ireland
March - June 2022
"I'm now able to keep Nutella in the house, enjoy it as part of a meal with the kids and not binge on the entire jar with a spoon"
VIP Client, Ireland
Dec 2021 - March 2022

VIP 1:1 Coaching

Your safety and confidentiality are my primary concern.
All of the above is carried out with a HIPAA/GDPR Compliant Telehealth app.

Now It's Your Turn

All of the above value for a one-time payment of $2500 or via payment plan of $874/m x 3 months

VIP Coaching is a 3-month,
1:1 commitment
to help you stop binge eating

MORE Testimonials from VIP Clients

“I can have foods I would have felt out of control around IN MY CUPBOARD and forget they are there!”
VIP Client, Ireland
"Since my sessions with Jo, almost TWO YEARS AGO, I haven't binged at all!"
VIP Client, UK
"After 30 years of yoyo dieting and binge eating, I am finally binge free. I couldn't have done it without Jo."
VIP Client, Ireland
"Still binge-free after working with you last year, Thanks!"
VIP Client, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

This package is for anyone who feels their lives are being negatively impacted by food and eating habits. Most clients identify as having ‘disordered eating’ or struggling with binge eating. Of course, individuals with diagnosed eating disorders are welcome too. 

Due to registration and licensure laws, I currently see private coaching living in Ireland, UK and certain states in the USA. E-mail me at to find out if I can accommodate you. You can pursue my Binge Eating Recovery Program without private coaching from anywhere in the world. 

That’s ok; I’ll go at your pace. Please know that there is never any judgement from me. I have been through my journey of binge eating, and I have heard it all before. Also, please note that I am bound to confidentiality as a healthcare professional, and I take this very seriously. 

Enrolling as a VIP client means so much more than just 6 sessions, we will be working closely together for 3 months to help move you towards a healthier relationship with food. As you can see from VIP client testimonials, we can achieve incredible results working together for 3 months.  

No. Please run a mile from anyone who says they can guarantee that.  I will offer you tried and tested tools and strategies to reduce your binge eating, but I cannot guarantee you will never binge again. 

Great! First, we need to agree we are a good fit for eachother. Please go ahead and book a discovery call using the link above. Looking forward to meeting you.  

EVEN MORE Testimonials from VIP Clients

"When I sent you that very first e-mail, I was so lost and blinded by desperation to stop binge eating. You got me breathing again. Thank you so much Jo"
VIP Client, Ireland
"Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings throughout this process"
VIP Client, USA
"We figured out WHY I binged and you gave me the tools I needed to recover"
VIP Client, Ireland
"I was VERY surprised at how much my binge eating improved in 3 months. What surprised me the most is that small changes had such a big impact on my bingeing. Recovery from binge eating has been a lot easier than I expected."
VIP Client, UK